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Inspection Services

Golden Rule Inspection’s main focus is to offer its clients the professional inspection quality they deserve. Because we are a company that was forged by the very people we now represent, we are able to relate to our clients in a more effective and profound way. 


Our success stems in part from our size, which allows us to focus on and remain responsive to our client’s needs, amassed with our low overhead cost; it gives us, a competitive edge and more affordable pricing.


Over the past few decades, preventative maintenance has taken center stage in the refining industry. Understanding the role Inspection plays and knowing how to combat the potential dangers that are present in plant operations requires commitment, dedication, and experience. GRI can provide that sense of security.


Our commitment to safety begins with the people we surround ourselves with and the training we provide to our employees.

Turnaround Inspection Support

Golden Rule Inspection (GRI) offers experienced inspectors certified to API 510, API 570, API 653, API 936, Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) and NDE support to assist in the execution of client inspection plans during turnarounds and various equipment outages.  GRI is experienced in the assessment of inspection findings and generating technical based recommendations to reduce the likelihood of loss of containment and improve overall reliability of the client’s equipment.  During turnarounds, GRI inspectors can aid in management of NDE efforts in combination with data evaluation resulting in overall efficiency for the client. 


GRI can supply leadership for pre-turnaround planning based on company milestones for the complexity of the outage as well as compiling files, documents and framework for stewardship and tracking of inspection activities during the event. 


GRI is knowledgeable in implementing Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Strategies which has become advantageous to clients to allow for more thorough inspections on higher risks assets.  This is particular the case for mitigation tasks requiring equipment outages to execute the tasks.  Our inspectors are trained in the level of detail required in post inspection documentation to allow the client to review and update existing RBI and Equipment Strategies to minimize uncertainties and potential unacceptable residual risks.  The level of detail of the inspection documentation can also provide the initial framework for clients looking to implement Risk Based Management in the future and aid in cost effective task planning for future turnarounds and equipment outages.   


Inspection Planning


"Plan the work, work the plan." Planning a regularly scheduled turnaround isn’t easy. Having a successful turnaround requires confident, well trained, and highly experienced inspectors with the ability to recognize and respond to hectic environments.


Put your next outage in our hands and let us show you the Golden Rule way.


Inspection projects require precision, meticulous planning, team work, and most importantly a budget estimate that a client can feel confident with.


GRI’s project & turnaround planning process has a 100% success rate along with a pristine Safety Record. We will not only execute a successful project, but impress you with our dedication to safety.

Process Safety Management & Reliability


The culture for mechanical integrity compliance and accountability for Owner Users in the oil & gas industry has evolved since 2007 when OSHA established the NEP/PSM audits.  Golden Rule Inspection’s leadership is experienced based in Owner User Mechanical Integrity (MI) program elements in which we can provide Internal Self Assessments, Auditing of your Quality Assurance Manuals and MI program.  These assessments could identify potential gaps that could result in costly violations and breakdowns in the MI program as well aid in justifying funding required to manage and execute gap closure projects.  With this focus on maintaining compliance, overall Safety, Reliability, Equipment Health will increase to mitigate potential unplanned outages.  Let GRI help protect your investments and provide you with unmatched Reliability focused decisions for your MI program. 

Risk Based Inspection (RBI)


Risk Based Inspections and Equipment Strategy driven systems have high merits in the today’s industry.  These systems when implemented correctly allow an Owner User to focus budgetary restraints on higher risk assets within the facility. Golden Rule Inspection can provide Inspection Specialist support for Owner User RBI software and programs.  GRI’s leadership has 10 plus years of in-house experience with data pre-load requirements, Probability of Failure selection, damage modes, mitigation tasks and documentation of RBI and Equipment Strategy systems.   Let GRI provide you technical support for implementing your risk based program as well as mentoring and consultation needs for in-house personnel to aid in managing an evergreen system.   

NDE Support

Golden Rule Inspection NDE technicians are multi Certified and trained in order to provide our clients with professional & reliable inspection results. The following list represents certifications and training requirements for GRI technicians.


  • UT Thickness

  • Magnetic Particle

  • Liquid Penetrant

  • Positive Material Identification

  • AutoCAD

  • Isometric Drafting and P&ID validation

  • Brinell hardness

  • Data Analyses (PCMS software)

  • Shear wave Inspection (PCN certified)

  • Phased Array  Inspection (PCN certified)

  • Digital Radiograph (only offered in select areas)

On Stream Maintenance Solutions


Golden Rule Inspections On-Stream Maintenance Program provides all clients with not only the collection of data, but also the following:  re-circuitization, red lining of P&IDs, Iso correction, data analysis, base line collection and implementation, installation of CMLs, and external inspection. GRI makes it easy for clients to streamline their inspection needs into one team of technicians, relieving them of budgetary restraints, and  unnecessary man hours.


We believe in training all of our technicians with the basic tools they need to be successful. We also give them the tools and training needed to go above and beyond our clients' expectations.



GRI provides clients with one of the best AutoCAD drafting services including on-demand support to clients. Our clients can be sure of obtaining accurate computer generated Isometrics, detailed equipment, and P&ID drawings. 


Technology is a tool that GRI believes in. GRI, as a company, is constantly searching for newer and more cost-effective ways to help our clients stay up to date and informed.       


Vendor Surveillance
Vendor surveillance inspection. often referred to as "Third Party Inspection" or "Whitness Inspection" is provided by Golden Rule Inspection throughtout the USA.
The key to an effective inspection program is establishing a quality plan with manufacturers so that all parties understand their resonsibilities.
This is when quality and accuracy matter most.
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